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ask aokise anything and have fun^^

ok so sorry guys i havent posted for awhile im having a block or sumthing i think _(._.)_ …. havent drawn or written anything for awhile..
just recently started being a english tutor to korean and japanese students and im trying to figure out what i should take up in college when i go back since i dropped out just after one sem cos im lame and socially awkward and didnt make any new friends at all (・。・;) “god i miss highschool” i cant be NEET forever ….and well i dont think i could update for awhile cos i need to get my life together first , but dun worry i will be back …
so please keep following me ( ̄ー ̄)i will be back…

its june 8!!! teiko aokise day ^3^  a little sumthin to show my love

its june 8!!! teiko aokise day ^3^ a little sumthin to show my love

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ok so ill be closing the ask box for just a week or so.
cos i still have quite a a few more ask to answer , well thats all ^_^

Anonymous said: Hi! Just wanted to let you know that that's the Ukrainian flag your using for your icon. Might want to change it?

yeah i was meaning to change that too.. cos i was undecided what to use at the beggining so i went with the flag , this is abit embarrassing (・。・;)
ok so ill change it immediately _(._.)_

azalealura said: I love your blog!! And your drawings are so cutee ahhh ;u; /dies Keep up the good work!! *A*

thank you so much azalealura san (#^.^#) ….i shall keeps up ze good work!!!